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Collision Coverage

Collision car insurance coverage protects you at all times from  collision damages. It does not however satisfy liability insurance requirements for the state of California as it provides no benefits to people other than the policy owner.


Collision damages are any damages to a vehicle that are the result of either a crash with another vehicle, a stationary object, or in some cases even an animal. If what you want when you think of 'Reliable car insurance' is guaranteed protection against facing the challenge of paying to replace your vehicle after an accident, then this coverage is essential. 



Collision Auto Insurance Prices


Collision auto insurance is often the most costly part of a strong auto insurance policy. Collision insurance coverage is more expensive because car accidents are the most common insurance claim reported by auto insurance consumers. It follows that including collision coverage on a car insurance policy would then make the policy owner much more likely to file claims for reimbursement for  qualifying events like car accidents, which would cost the insurance provider more money.


Insurance companies stand to lose money when they provide collision insurance coverage to risky drivers, so they use your driving record to determine the cost of your collision auto insurance policy based on the statistical risk you pose to them as a driver.


Your auto insurance provider will very carefully consider your driving record when determining how much your optional collision insurance coverage will cost you. If when your auto insurance company looks at your driving record they discover that you've been the cause of several traffic collisions, you are very likely to your monthly insurance premium rise. Your auto insurance company will do this to offset the risk that you driving under their name can pose to their accounts. A clever way to offset these higher premiums associated with a bad driving record, is by raising your deductible.




Collision deductibles are costs of collision repairs passed on to the policy holder, which must be paid in full before monetary insurance benefits begin to share the cost of repairs.

When referring to collision auto insurance, having a $500 deductible would mean that you must pay at least $500 towards fixing any collision damages to your vehicle before you can receive any collision benefits from your auto insurance company toward the repair of your vehicle.

Deductibles are only around so that people who pay a high monthly insurance premium don't think that they have a right to drive as though they, "don't have to be careful,” since they have a strong and dependable auto insurance policy.


High Deductible

If you choose to go with a high deductible, it means that you must then pay a greater part of your own repair costs after a qualifying collision event, but your monthly premiums will be reduced. This makes sense because the insurance company is willing to consistently cover you for less if you're willing to assume more of the financial responsibility for accidents on an individual basis.


Low Deductible

However, if you cannot afford a higher monthly premium then chances are your deductible will be higher. This means that if you don't pay much monthly for the collision coverage of your Fresno auto insurance policy, then you can expect to pay more out of pocket in the event of an accident.




Qualifying Events : Collisions That Qualify You For Insurance Benefits


These are the types of accidents or collisions considered ‘qualifying events’ under most collision insurance policies. Qualifying events are events which damage a vehicle and qualify the policy owner for reimbursement or payment by their insurance company.


Simply put, a qualifying event is any car crash whose damages the auto insurance company are obligated to pay for by contract. 


Please note that the following are only a few common examples of  qualifying events which are likely to be  included in Collision insurance policies. Keep in mind please that not all insurers are the same and that not every plan will refer to these situations in the same terms. These collision coverage options, and their prices will not be the same everywhere or to every driver. 


Lane departure crashes

These occur whenever a driver leaves the lane they are in and collides with another vehicle or a roadside object. These include head on collisions and run-off-road collisions.


These types of collisions generally tend to be rear-end, angle impact, and side impact collisions.

Pedestrians and Cyclists

When you are involved in a collision with a pedestrian or cyclist, repairing the damages to your car should be the least of your worries. Many collision insurance policies do cover damages sustained in this way.

Collisions with animals

This type of collision coverage is particularly important in rural areas where traffic must interact with livestock on a regular basis. cows, deer, moose, and other large mammals can actually severely harm or injure the passengers of a car which strikes them in addition to causing major collision damage.


All other types of damage would fall under a 'comprehensive auto insurance' policy. which unlike the name implies does not protect against all damages, but rather a great number of them which must be selected individually by the insured. Learn more at the Fresno comprehensive auto insurance page.



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