Comprehensive Car Insurance in Fresno

Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Comprehensive auto insurance is what some people call auto insurance which protects from non-collision and seemingly random sources of damage like vandalism, theft, falling objects, and even volcanic eruption.


When you purchase a Fresno auto insurance policy that includes comprehensive insurance coverage for your car, truck, SUV, or RV, you can get protected from almost any type of damage.


As you start deciding on which risk, damage, or peril options to include in your comprehensive auto insurance, you will learn that there are no policies that protect their owner from ALL types of damage as the term 'comprehensive' would imply. As a matter of fact, the protections purchased as parts of comprehensive coverage are very restrictive and specific. This means that buying fire protection will not protect you from an intentional act of vandalism like someone burning your car with a lighter.  


For all these reasons and more offer some information and resources on comprehensive car insurance. 


Basic Comprehensive


There are several typical qualifying events or types of damage which  constitute typical coverage when you purchase comprehensive or non-collision  auto insurance. These protections are offered to protect you from property damage, and protect your livelihood in the even that your vehicle needs to be replaced. Some of those common comprehensive auto insurance coverage options are as follows



This optional insurance coverage protects your car and your wallet from acts of vandalism. Chances are you must pay to repair the damages yourself out of the deductible, and be reimbursed by your insurance company for qualified expenses.



All types of wind damage are included in this coverage option. Tornadoes, hurricanes, and all other manner of tumultuous wind behavior that could inflict damage on a vehicle are included like flying pebbles, debris and other specific circumstances.


Falling Object:

This common coverage option protects the driver and his property from paying damages associated with any destruction of property by falling objects. Both natural debris and construction debris are considered the same by most of these types of policies.

 Whether it’s a stray bolt or a tree branch, you’ll be covered against stuff falling onto your car.

Glass Breakage:

It’s ironic that purchasing a comprehensive car insurance policy doesn't usually protect the glass, which is arguably the most delicate part of the vehicle.


This coverage option is important if you drive a sports car or any vehicle with large pieces of glass on it, because these panes can often cost thousands of dollars to replace.  This coverage is not so necessary for owners of common 4-door sedans because their glass parts are more cost effective to mass produce and are hence, cheaper.


Animal Collision:

Seldom included on standard collision auto insurance, this specialized auto insurance coverage protects you from having to pay for any damages incurred as a result of your vehicle striking an animal or vice-versa.


Volcanic Eruption:

You may not think this is necessary, but if you live in Hawaii, you might want to purchase some coverage that protects against molten rock destroying your vehicle. Also, blobs of molten rock are not included in “falling objects coverage. (See how this can get tricky?)


Civil Unrest:

This piece of comprehensive auto insurance can become important very quickly in the urban environment where civil conflicts can easily escalate to a mob putting people and property in harms way.

This option protects your car from damages resulting from a riot or other gathering and action as a part of civil unrest.


Fire and Theft: 

Two comprehensive insurance options commonly omitted from basic comprehensive damage protection are fire and theft.

These two options must be purchased separately from the basic perils, risks, or dangers commonly included in comprehensive coverage because they are the most commonly claimed non-collision damages.


Fire and theft coverage must be included on top of a comprehensive auto insurance policy if you expect your stolen car to be entirely replaced by the insurance agency for only the cost of a deductible.

Fire and theft protection can cost considerably more than the other more minor protection options, but fire and theft do more damage than the other coverage types.



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