Maintaining your Motorcycle


Just like a car, a motorcycle should receive regular maintenance in order to preserve its performance and value. Maintenance will prevent future damage that may cause you to use your Fresno Motorcycle Insurance policy. Proper Motorcycle Maintenance isn’t only for performance and aesthetic, maintenance also protects you from potentially dangerous situations. We at SkyBlue Insurance know motorcycles. Below we list some useful motorcycle maintenance tips.


Always check your ties before every ride. There will be many times when your bike will sit for long periods of time, particularly during cold and rainy seasons. Also, check that your tires are at the correct tire pressure with a low pressure tire gauge.


After every 3,000-5,000 miles, ensure that the oil in the bike is filled to its maximum level. If your oil gets too low, it can do disastrous damage to your bike’s engine.

Brake Pads

Your brakes are very important to your safety. Check both brake reservoirs to ensure that the fluid levels are where they should be. Also, make sure that your brake pads aren’t worn down. If they are, buy replacement pads as soon as possible.


The battery is a very common cause of bike breakdowns. Be sure your battery has enough power ion it before you drive, especially if the battery hasn’t been used for a while. If power seems low, recharge the battery.

Bike Chain

If your chain breaks on your bike, it will difficult and expensive to change. Be sure the chain is clean and void of dust, dirt or rust. Also make sure it properly spins with the wheel.

Get the most life out of your motorcycle by being sure to occasionally do a proper inspection and maintenance as needed. Sometimes things may fall apart and receive damage and it’s not your fault. That’s why obtaining Fresno Motorcycle Insurance would be a great idea. Your Fresno Motorcycle Insurance policy will cover certain damages and maintenance requirements depending on your policy. To keep your bike safe and alive, go online now and request an instant Fresno Motorcycle Insurance quote now for free!



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